Community Involvement

How We Stay Involved

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the Atlanta community. We enjoy staying involved with local organizations to support the people in our community and protect our hometown.

What Fuels Our Involvement

How We Stay Involved

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to the Atlanta community. We enjoy collaborating with and staying involved with local organizations to support the people in our community and protect our indigenous lands.

What Fuels Our Involvement

  • We fund vital infrastructure for the local food economy because we believe in the importance of communal self-reliance
  • We sponsor yoga training scholarships to help create access to the channels of our own success
  • We use our creative energy to drive transformational enterprise

Events We've Sponsored

COMingle is series of intentional gatherings produced by Vibe Hive that hold a sacred space for community to come together and celebrate conscious living. Located in Atlanta, it is a sober festival that features conscious talks, yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation and live musical artists. During COMingle Festival in May, Everarde Calk, founder of Yogardener, gave a presentation on regenerative systems design and highlighted Yogardener’s symbiotic relationship with Urban Sprout Farms and Gangsters to Growers. During COMingle Connect in September, Yogardener played a crucial role in the food forest by funding the entire installation and providing all of the shovels and plants including blueberries, fig trees, blackberry vines, muscadine vines, and loquat trees. Additionally, Yogardener designed and installed the altar at the cOMingle Holiday Mocktail party.

“Everarde Calk of Yogardener has been an instrumental collaborator and co-creator of the sober event cOMingle Festival. His contributions have been nothing short of profound. He is a pioneer for action that perpetuates change and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. The world needs people like Everarde stepping up, now more than ever. Everarde’s work helps us to remember the beauty, the creativity and the power of mother nature. When the aspects of nature are brought to cOMingle events, the attendees are connected more deeply with the earth they walk on. By interlacing the elements on nature and service, Everarde gives the community a slice of heaven they can actually experience and touch. Everarde shows his appreciation and gratitude for this event and this community by continually giving his heart, his skill, his knowledge and his expertise in order to make the events richer in every way. cOMingle would not have the same impact it does without the valuable contributions from our dear friend Everarde. Thank you for all you do!”

Carissa, Rachel + Anthony
cOMingle Festival Founders

Earthbeat Southeast was a music, art and wellness gathering held in the heart of Atlanta, GA. It’s purpose was to bring the community together to celebrate music and art while also honoring our ecological responsibilities to the earth. Yogardener was the coordinator and creative director of designing the stage and the layout of the event. The indoor event was brought to life with trees, exotic plants, flower bouquets and handmade bamboo structures that made everyone feel like they were celebrating in a temperate forest oasis. During the climate forum, local activists shared their contributions to Earth regenerative efforts and tips on how we can all work together to make a difference. Everarde Calk spoke about Yogardener’s role in being a landscape design company that incorporates permaculture principles and eco design.

December 12, 2018 Urban Sprout Farms, Polar Rock, Atlanta, GA.

Yogardener coordinated speakers, workshops, and bands for the event in addition to donating a mandala garden and managing the construction of the roof over the stage. Special thanks to William Allerdice, Nick Doris, Stavros Tsakos, and Nuri and Safia Icgoren.

September 22, 2018- Catalyst Sports Adaptive Athletic Expo, Knoxville TN

Yogardener facilitated group and private adaptive yoga experiences for adults and youth with physical and developmental disabilities at a gathering that featured water sports, golf, and cycling.


In the summer of 2018 I donated a scholarship to the Body of Light Immersion through Rachelle Knowles’ nonprofit, Cultivate Union.

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June 14, 2018 District ONE Kitchen, Walsenburg, CO.

Yogardener donated a chicken tractor and over 500$ worth of new tools and materials to the school garden maintained by District ONE Kitchen. Special thanks to Elizabeth Ocheltree for letting me borrow her car!

April 7, 2018 – Mena’s Farm, Bankhead, Atlanta, GA.

Yogardener coordinated contractor’s and donated materials in order to build a retaining wall to buffer Proctor Creek, a new roof for the greenhouse, and a new raised bed. Special thanks to William Allerdice and Jason Ware!

Yogardener provided breakfast, taught a yoga class, and helped pay for the groups use of the Horse Pens 40 Climbing area.

In 2016 I worked with Suzanne Baker and Friends of English Avenue to execute a Summer Jobs Program for youth ages 16-24. In addition to hands on training in the landscaping and horticultural industries, we offered yoga classes, nutrition workshops, workplace diversity trainings, sex ed modules, first amendment rights and safe police interaction workshops, and paid opportunities to for participants to improve their community for 8 weeks.

This video highlights the program and some of the philosophies that underpin my approach to service.

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