Turn your landscape into a homesteader's paradise

Let’s work together to beautify your property, help you achieve a sustainable lifestyle and give back to the earth's ecosystem. 

Get Started With Your Own Homestead This Spring

Do you have a piece of property that is waiting for something amazing? Feel excited to make it beautiful AND functional? Yogardener is ready to help you achieve your very own homestead this coming Spring!


What is homesteading and why should you do it?

Homesteading is all about a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and personal well-being. Homesteads typically features a variety of edible crops and sometimes livestock for milk, eggs and meat. People choose to homestead because it's a sustainable and money-saving way to provide for themselves and their families. It's both eco-friendly and very fulfilling.

Why Should You Homestead?


Having your own homestead can offer you a feeling of self-sufficiency and empowerment. By knowing that you are responsible for you and your family's sustenance and health, you may find yourself experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and joy.

Healthy Living

Experience your best health yet with nutrient-dense, fresh and chemical-free vegetables all year long. Having a homestead will also provide your with the opportunity to exercise more, spend more time with your family and enjoy the great outdoors.


By offering the earth a biodiverse landscape filled with native plants and sustainable systems, you're playing your part in helping your local ecosystem be healthy and thrive.

Saves Money

Growing your own fresh vegetables, eggs and even meat means saving thousands on grocery bills every year. Plus, if you're producing something you can sell, then you could even profit from your homestead!

What's included in the homesteader's starter kit

Raised Beds

Rainwater Catchment

Irrigation Systems

Food Forests + Orchards

Solar Panels

Composting Systems

Plant Installation

& More


What They Say About Us

Melati B.

We just worked with Yogardener on a major landscape design and installation for our yard. We couldn’t be more thrilled -It's absolutely stunning and exactly what we were going for! The process was seamless and totally tailored to our likes, but with the perfect amount of guidance so we knew we were getting the right pairings. Couldn’t not recommend more highly!

Katharine B.

We had a great experience with Everarde and Yogardener. Super responsive, easy to connect with by email, and came up with great ideas for our yard based on our needs (low amount of watering, easy maintenance, varied amount of sun). Also performs our monthly maintenance which really helps to keep things looking great.


How Does It Work?

Packages include a site visit, multi-year plans, soil testing and amendments, and a wide selection of edible plants to get you started on the road to nutritional independence.

Book a consutation with us so that we can get idea of how we can transform your property and talk specifics.

Let’s work together to start making a difference right here at home! 

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